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It’s really hard to be a bjd owner in Indonesia. Why? Because:

1.) it’s not common. Well duh~ normal ppl would rather buy clothes or bags or whateves. But I guess I’m not one of those ppl 😐. So, yea 😒

2.) ppl would get judgemental bcs you’re figgin 21 years old and still PLAY with dolls when they said you should be playing with boys 😑. Okay, so Thecnically I’m NOT PLAYING with my bjd, I MAINTAIN him (although sometimes I bring him with me to take his pictures 😆) it’s similar like having a figurine, you don’t PLAY with it, you COLLECT it and TAKE THEIR PICTURES (optional). And what if I play with boys and get pregnant? It’s worse than playing with dolls rite? 😐

3.) ever since that Anna-friggin-belle movie came out, everybody starts assuming that MY DOLL is ANNABELLE DOLL…………………..Oh Lord 😑 srsly, my doll’s not even a female. HE’S A HEALTHY(?) MALE DOLL!! he’s also NOT made out of porcelain or wood or whateves that Annabelle made of, he’s a RESIN doll and looks NOTHING like annabelle 😑 SO CHECK YOUR FACTS! #ragequit

But I guess these are the consequences if you wanna be a bjd owner in Indonesia 😞. Guess I just have to suck it up #LOL
#meh 😒
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