Wow! There are a lot more Disney males than I realized!!

This has every (although I’m sure I’m missing a few) Animated Disney + Pixar male on it!

These are the movies I picked the characters from, so if you don’t see someone on there it may be because I didn’t include that movie.

Nevertheless, I hope you like it and I hope you can spot your favorite male characters!

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Anonymous asked:

It bugs me when people draw Peppermint Butler with red arms. He's wearing gloves.

confessingadventuretime answered:

Yes, he is indeed wearing gloves. In “The Vault,” we see that his arms are completely white -


- and in “Nemesis” we see that his legs are white as well.


Yet for some reason in “Princess Cookie,” there’s a baby peppermint at the orphanage whose arms and legs are red.


But then, in “James Baxter the Horse,” this lil’ peppermint has white arms and legs.


So does the one in “Goliad.” Could be the same one for all we know.


I guess for just any peppermint Candy Person it could go either way. However, for the specific one that is the Peppermint Butler we all know and love, his arms and legs are white.